November 14, 2023

Here we are in time for Christmas, Aunt Zelda and the Real Santa. A short story, it is available in eBook format on Amazon for 0.99.

A homeless alcoholic finds hope in the spirit and magic of Christmas.

Find Aunt Zelda and the Real Santa here.

October 2, 2023

Coming this Winter (2023 – 2024)

The Phantom Mountain Lion

Everyone – well, maybe not everyone in Elm Valley, California – was talking about the elusive marauder, the ghost cat no one saw. Sometimes, they heard him or her at night – a disembodied growl. And then, one night Mamie Brown’s daughter’s puppy disappeared. Sam Pritchard found the remains of one of his lambs. Snacks for a mountain lion?

But no one actually saw the mountain lion, that is, until one evening when mail carrier Elsie Webb was out on horseback making some late deliveries to the outlying farms. She’d just dropped off mail at the Avila farm, had a nice conversation with their daughter Susanna and left on horseback to head back to town. And there it was, lurking in the twilight in an oak tree.

Cautiously, Elsie guided her horse back to town. It wouldn’t do to hightail it back to town only to have the big cat chase them. Once in town, she scurried up the steps to the Porter Hotel and rushed into the parlor.

Lydia Porter stared at her from behind the reception desk. Her brow wrinkled. “Elsie, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“No ghost. A mountain lion. Maybe the mountain lion.”

Come visit us at the Porter Hotel in Elm Valley, Central California. It’s 1910 and Elm Valley is right across the Nevada border not far from Carson City.

Visit us and get to know the owners of the Porter Hotel, a few of the guests at the hotel and some of the residents of Elm Valley.

Elm Valley is also the setting for The Accidental Hero and The Phantom Phone Call. All three stories are stand-alone short stories. The Accidental Hero and The Phantom Phone Call are currently published on Amazon.