May 15, 2023

The Phantom Phone Call is now available on Amazon!

Announcing the release of The Phantom Phone Call.

The story takes place at the Porter Hotel in Elm Valley, California, the same location where The Accidental Hero took place. The year 1910. Elm Valley Central’s switchboard is located in the back room at the hotel. During Lydia Porter’s shift as operator, a strange call hooks into the incoming line number six, the last line in the row of incoming lines. Two men are deep in conversation discussing a planned bank robbery when Lydia answers the call. She can her them but they can’t hear her. The circumstances combine with what she heard during that and a stress-filled week follows. Of course, it doesn’t help that hardly anyone believes her and they think she has an overactive imagination.

Available now on Amazon. For a limited time, it’s offered at $0.99

The Phantom Phone Call

Coming later this Spring or early Summer – The Phantom Phone Call. This stand-alone short story takes place in the Porter Hotel. That’s where The Accidental Hero took place. Again, we meet Lydia Porter and her mother Gwen, Gwen’s brother Hank Weaver and Hank’s daughter Pearl. The Porter Hotel also houses the central switchboard for the small Central California town of Elm Valley. Lydia is on duty as operator when a mysterious phone call comes in on the board. The two men talking cannot hear her, but she can sure hear them. Much to Lydia’s distress, her mother and Uncle Hank don’t believe her when she tells them what she heard.